Human Impact Audit

Quantify the cost of human dynamics within your organisation.

Wondering how factors like stress, leadership and workplace incivility are impacting on your bottom line?

  • 12% Productivity lost due to Stress
  • 13% Management time lost due to Workplace Incivility
  • 43% Voluntary staff turnover resulting from Leadership


What is HIA?

Human Impact Audit brings together the latest research from around the world regarding the human dynamics within the work place. Built through the collaborative efforts of psychologists, actuaries and financial directors the tool accurately predicts the current human costs and potential return of people development interventions in your organisation.


Cost to Companies

Your Business
Research shows, that problems relating to Incivility, Leadership and Stress are costing companies as much as
12% of annual turnover.
What is it costing your organisation??

“Low-intensity deviant workplace behavior with an ambigiuous intent to harm”
(Schilpzand et al, 2016)
“Leadership is a process of social influence, which
maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”
(Kruse, 2013)
“A reaction that emerges out of an unfavourable person-environment relationship”
(Lazarus, 1993)

Leave Their Jobs


Management’s Time


Impact on Productivity


Staff Turnover


Productive Hours


Improved Revenue


Sickness Absence


Productivity Impact


All Work Days Lost to Health


Emotional Intelligence


We’ve got the answers

What will happen to the sensitive company data that I input on the Human Impact Audit?

Any company specific data that is inputted in the Human Impact Audit process will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Company specific confidential data is never sold by the owners of the Human Impact Audit. The aggregation of anonymized data may be used for research purposes from time to time, to improve the product offering and to add knowledge to industry specific fields and workplace culture and practices in general. If it will set your mind at ease, please choose a fictitious name for the company.

How do I know if the final results in my report are accurate? Are you just making this stuff up?

The science behind the calculations in the Audit is drawn from peer-reviewed research studies. These sources are outlined in detail in the report. By combining this academic research with the volunteered information provided by you, the Human Impact Audit can draw a reasonable correlation between your specific context and what the research has already shown to be true.

Now that I have seen the impact of some of these human factors in my organisation, what can I do about it?

Diagnosis is always the first step before prognosis. Just knowing the state of affairs is a great start. By developing the set of relational and emotional skills within your organisation you can drastically mitigate some of the negative impact of Stress, Workplace Incivility and unhealthy Leadership. For more information on what you can do, contact [email protected]


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